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Year 6 Selective Test Set 2

A selective test that includes Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Writing and Thinking Skills


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Starting date





4 weeks
120 Hours


$ 20

Preparing for the Selective test has never been easier!

This course is sure to help your child prepare for the Selective Test, with the newest syllabus already implemented into this course.
Throughout this course your child will get to experience what the Selective test is like. This course includes:
  • NEW SYLLABUS: All the four topics (Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Writing and Thinking Skills)
  • Reading - 30 questions in 40 minutes
  • Mathematical Reasoning - 35 questions in 40 minutes
  • Writing - 1 question in 30 minutes
  • Thinking Skills - 40 questions in 40 minutes

Samson He

Commerce/ Computer Science at UNSW
Samson completed the Selective Test in 2014 and successfully gained an entry to Baulkham Hills High School which is ranked second in NSW.  With over 4 years of tutoring students and boosting their academics. he has now decided to start an online Selective School in order to help the wider community.
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